Save Our Souls
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you ain’t fucking with trunks . 
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i’m not even going to wait until october this year
the ghost jokes have begun
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Vintage Noxema Advert.
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ℒuxurℽ ℱashioƞ
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ℒuxurℽ ℱashioƞ
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ℒuxurℽ ℱashioƞ
diaryanddecadence: Hey hun, as my favourite blog on tumblr, I come to you for advice. Your blog is gorgeous and always inspires me, but the part I love even more than your pictures is your attitude.You are always so sweet, positive and kind to everyone! Can you please give some tips on how you manage to stay so positive and have such a wonderful mindset? How do you control negative emotions? Thanks so much gorgeous, have a blessed day xx


Thank you so much, angel. It is such an huge compliment!

The answer is: GOD.

I don’t have to go through life just depending on my own talent, my own ability, my own strength. Bible talks about how God’s hand is outstretched toward His people. That means there is a supernatural power behind every believer. God’s outstretched hand will help you to accomplish dreams you thought that were impossible. His outstretched hand will cause you to get well even when the medical report says there is no way. The outstretched hand of God will help you to prosper even when the economy is down.

Just don’t have a weak, defeated mentality. Have the attitude, “I am anointed. I can overcome any obstacle. I am empowered by the Creator of the universe, and I am thoroughly equipped for every good work that God has called me to!”

With Him by your side, how could you not to be positive? Let Him build your heart.

Have a super blessed week, darling! :)

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